Increase Adobe's visibility among outlets beyond technology


In 2012 Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE) changed its business model from a boxed software to a subscription model just a link to download. It was the birth of the Creative Cloud. Since then Adobe Systems has focused on this innovative change of business model to increase its growth in the long run. As a result, its performance has continued to improve. For example, the Marketing Cloud solutions of Adobe are gaining strong industry analyst recognition. It was recognized as a leader in Forrester’s Web Analytics Wave report with excellent current offering, strategy, and market presence.


With a subscription model, Creative Cloud solutions, which include Photoshop and other software from the company, such as Illustrator, Premiere, Acrobat, became much more accessible. For users, the cloud based infrastructure mean Adobe could push out updates more frequently, and people could sync workflows across devices.

But the main challenge was to drive off from the technology savvy outlets and industry analysts to be included in other outlets that could promote the benefits of the new company offering: inspire and empower any person in any environment with the use of professional tools.  FleishmanHillard in Mexico developed a communications plan that included:

  • Workshops for media to introduce apps and creative cloud solutions
  • Approach 1: 1 with Business, Consumer and Life&Style media to attendance SUMMIT 2016 at Las Vegas
  • Promote goodwills meeting with top editors such as: Alto Nivel, Mundo Ejecutivo, Forbes, Expansión, and influencers in digital and social media.