Khan Academy

Launching Khan Academy's iOS app in Spanish

Before working with FleishmanHillard in Mexico, Khan Academy had not had any direct contact with media or key audiences in Mexico, so they were really unknown to the general public. Only tech savvy people with profound interest in education and new trends in online education had heard of them.

This situation, although knew by the client, contrasted with its reality in the United States, where they were avowed as the first and best online education platform. So there was a big opportunity as well as a challenge for FleishmanHillard and Khan Academy in Mexico.


Our first task was to have a big visibility around the launching of the new iOS app, but since Khan Academy didn’t had a strong positioning in the country, we also needed to introduce them to a market that still is less mature and developed compared to the U.S. To do that, we proposed a whole week of activities in order to engage media, influencers and universities. We started with 1:1 interviews with key media influencers, like Rodrigo Pacheco and Barbara Anderson, then we conducted a press junket with specialized media outlets and last we organized a breakfast with selected representatives of universities, student associations and nonprofit educational organizations.

We overpassed the expected results, with 58 publications covering the launch over two months, and since then we have kept working to further position this amazing platform. Museums, universities and key media outlets now contact us to ask about Khan Academy, and the client has been invited to participate in an event with the Mexican Ministry of Education.