Artistry's media positioning as a Premium brand in Mexico

Artistry is a premium brand of makeup distributed by Amway that discreetly arrived to the Mexican market in 2013 with skin care products. After that, the brand decided to launch a make up brand with FleishmanHillard’s counsel. A media tour started that achieved placements in beauty and life & style outlets, and opened the doors to a brand that at, first sight, did not fit the publications’ standards. In September 2015, FleishmanHillard proposed a launch with tier 1 media and beauty bloggers to strengthen Artistry’s image as a premium brand, with the participation of a world-famous make up artist as spokesperson of the event. In 2 months, 73 media stories were published, including top beauty and fashion publications such as Glamour, Women’s Health and Reforma, and digital outlets such as Beauty junkies. Afterwards, a followup campagin took place, and now Artistry is toe-to-toe with the most renowned make up brands in media. This campagin got 3,712,960 media impressions and a ROI of 3:1.